Plex with FreeNAS playback issues

FreeNAS Corral and Plex not Playing videos solution

Plex does not playing back videos with either the AC3, EAC3 or TrueHD when the network share of /trancode is located on a network share.

If the /transcode is located on the host For example /mnt/tank/media to /transcode

The easy solution is to select the entry and hit delete at the top right (red trash icon).

Save the container

After this you will see the /transcode mount existing but it will be in the VM instead

You will now need to correct the permissions of the new /transcode directory.

Click on the Docker Console button for your container and in the new browser window type

chown -R plex:plex /transcode

LAGG interface in FreeNAS corral

Create a LAGG interface in Freenas Corral

Ensure the interfaces are not configured.

Remove any DHCP, configured addresses.

Select Network and Create

Choose LAGG

Check the Enabled box.

Enter a description, the IPv4 address and subnet mask or IPv6 address and prefix length for the new LAGG

DHCP can be enabled and used for this LAGG only if it is disabled for all other Ethernet interfaces in the system.

Set an MTU (1500 is normal).

Choose the two network interfaces to be used in this LAGG.

Select a Protocol

Enter Aliases for the new LAGG interface if desired.

Click Save