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Survivalist USB Hard Drive

A consolodated list of items you may want to have stored in the event of an internet grid down event. LibreOffice – Document Editor VLC – Media Player Piratebox – Box to share files without internet. 7zip – Compression Tool Encryption tools – Good for sending encrypted communications. Tails OS – Privacy Based Operating System…
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Dillon 750XL Roller Parts List

Items required to have a smooth roller on the Dillon XL750 reloader. Parts can be sourced from McMaster-Carr Ultra-Low-Profile Precision Shoulder Screw, 3/16″ Shoulder Diameter, 3/16″ Shoulder Length, 8-32 Thread Size 90318A680 Stainless Steel Ball Bearing, Shielded with Extended Inner Ring, Number R3-2Z Part number 57155k385 Parts for top plate (optional) 5909K31 1 Each Steel…
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DIY Laundry Soap

This soap lasts a family of two well over a year. The costs is much lower than the store-bought stuff. 2 cups baking soda1 box borax1 box washing soda2 bottles of sent pellets1 box oxy clean3 soap nampha or a bag of zote flakes Mix it all up in a 5 gallon bucket or garbage…
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Northern Lawn Calendar

For those with a lawn in the northern hemisphere, the following is a good quick cheat sheet. Seed germination ratesPerennial Ryegrass – 4-5 daysTurf Type Tall Fescue – 8-10 daysKentucky Bluegrass – 18-21 days Fertilizer Dates Memorial Day, mid to end of MayJuly 4th, Canada DayLabor Day, early SeptemberThanksgiving, mid November

A few software tools to keep you busy

A list of all tools and services that can keep you busy for hours.   Proxmox – Powerful open-source server solutions Proxmox develops the open-source virtualization platform Proxmox VE, the backup solution Proxmox Backup Server, and the Proxmox Mail Gateway, an open-source email security solution to protect your mail server. Powerful open-source server solutions Unleash…
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DIY Box Fan Filter

My DIY filter fan to clean up some of the air from the fires in Nova Scotia and Quebec. 1 20″ Box fan by Lasko Vinyl Siding 1 inch J-track connected with zip ties 1 20X20X1 Merv 13 Filter